Abandoned Books, FOMO & Infidelity

Abandoned Books, FOMO & Infidelity. Photo by Ashish Singh Photography @ashishsinghxyz

Abandoned Books, FOMO & Infidelity

To the girl who had three quarters of her bookshelf filled with abandoned books, recommendations from her friends, as if they knew some deep part of her, she herself didn't know. Even the books proclaimed to have life changing powers, left to collect dust and space, like an infidel husband who left his wife for a sexy secretary, to the girl who picked enticing books with a perverted mystery over recommended truth and substance, I say..



I know that none shall ever know me intimately enough to recommend me a book or a piece of cinema that I haven't picked up for myself. At a time of easy access, information overload, and fear of missing out, I'd rather be knee deep in books that don't even have a single review on Amazon, just coz I know I picked them for a reason. Some will satiate me deeply, some will eventually be half read, but not as many!



To those who recommend me, I know you mean well, but know that my current wishlist is 300+ and maybe yours would come after that.. Till then. Know that it's true that reading changes you. For good, I presume. By then, I'd not be the same person who you thought you once knew. Neither would you. Nor our friendship / acquaintanceship. So what's the point?



As far as recommendations go, I'd rather be recommended an author, than a book.

~ Ashish Singh


Happy #WorldBookDay

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