We feel our darkest moments right after a 'Good-bye' - Ashish Singh Photography (ashishsinghxyz)

We feel our darkest moments right after a 'Good-bye'

How ironical! We sure wish our friends & family a cliché 'Good-bye' and supposedly wish them well, hope and pray..


However, why do you we feel as if something has been stolen rather permanently from us? Whatever we do, sometimes we can't deny the emptiness and perpetual sadness we feel thereafter.


Goodbye or any such gesture is supposed to make them feel better in order for us to make ourselves feel better. Which doesn't translate to reality.


We were supposed to win in this exchange of niceties, but instead we feel our darkest moments right after a 'Goodbye'. At this time another cliché thought hits us.. But this one seems appropriate. The feeling of having wasted the time together in vanity and trivialities, without learning about each other's dreams, aspirations, late night thoughts.


How many times have moments of significance been lost in the exchange of 'nice comforting words'? How could our inner and outer worlds evolve we if sink our own anchors?


What would it be like if we didn't succumb to fear, our ego, our obstacles & above all, societal conditioning?


I wonder.. #thoughtstoponder

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